PART 7                 LICENSE REINSTATEMENT               ISSUING AGENCY:  Nutrition and Dietetic Practice Board, P.O. Box 25101, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504.

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.1 NMAC, 08/01/2011]               SCOPE:  All individuals licensed to practice as a dietitian, nutritionist or nutrition associate in New Mexico.

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.2, 08/01/2011]               STATUTORY AUTHORITY:  Section  61-7A-10 NMSA 1978 (1993 Repl. Pamp.).

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.3, 08/01/2011]               DURATION:  Permanent.

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.4, 08/01/2011]               EFFECTIVE DATE:  08/01/2011, unless a later date is cited at the end of a section.

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.5, 08/01/2011]               OBJECTIVE:  To establish policies and procedures for individuals who allow their license to lapse through non-renewal.

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.6, 08/01/2011]               DEFINITIONS:  [RESERVED]               REINSTATEMENT OF A LAPSED LICENSE:  Any person who allows his license to lapse by failing to renew his license within thirty days of expiration may be reinstated by the board and issued a renewal license upon submission of a renewal application with proof satisfactory to the board of compliance with the continuing education and other requirements of 16.14.3 NMAC and payment of the annual renewal fee and the reinstatement fee. A license which has been allowed to lapse for more than three years must reapply as a new applicant, pay all initial licensing fees and meet all the requirements of 16.14.3 NMAC.

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.8, 08/01/2011]               REINSTATEMENT OF A REVOKED LICENSE:  A person whose license has been revoked by the board may apply for restoration of the license no earlier than one year after revocation. In addition to the required completed application and fees, the applicant may be required to provide additional documentation at the discretion of the board prior to issuing a license. Required documentation may include, but is not limited to, additional continuing education, re-examination, proof of rehabilitation, mandatory participation in a monitored treatment program or other type of alcohol or drug rehabilitation, or supervised practice.

[ NMAC - Rp, 16 NMAC 14.7.9, 08/01/2011]



Pre-NMAC History:  The material in this part was derived from that previously filed with the State Records Center:

N&D Rule 90-10, Restoration of Revoked License, filed 2/28/90.

N&D Rule 90-11, Reinstatement of Lapsed License, filed 2/28/90.

Rule 7, Restoration and Reinstatement of License, filed 3/8/93.


History of Repealed Material:

16 NMAC 14.7, License Reinstatement, filed 8/19/1996 - Repealed effective 08/01/2011.