Rules Training

The Administrative Law Division assists those involved in the rule promulgation process to produce rules that meet the prescribed style and format requirements by conducting free monthly training and by providing group training for agencies.  In this training we cover the statutory changes to the State Rules Act that happened on July 1, 2017, the technical aspects of the amended State Rules Act and the procedural requirements for rulemaking.  In addition, we also cover the specifics of what should and should not be done for any rulemaking, paying particular attention to the format and style requirements for any document submitted for filing and for publication in the New Mexico register..

We hope that all persons who are responsible for any part of their agency rule making should attend the free monthly training, even if they may have taken one or both online courses in the past.  Again because of the recent changes to take effect, rule making training is substantially different than before.

New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) rulemaking:
(All training conducted in Santa Fe at State Records Center and Archives)

December 19, 2019, Thursday
February 20, 2020, Thursday
April 16, 2020, Thursday
June 18, 2020, Thursday

Contact the Administrative Law Division at 505-476-7941 or to register for any of the above training dates.

If your agency would like more specific, agency-wide rulemaking training, please contact your rules analyst to see how and when such training can be arranged.

If you are currently involved in or about to conduct rulemaking for your agency and you do not know who your agency’s rule analyst is, please contact the above number to get direct and immediate assistance on rulemaking for your agency.