PART 6                 CONTINUING EDUCATION GUIDELINES               ISSUING AGENCY:  Regulation and Licensing Department, New Mexico Board of Interior Design.

[11/10/97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.1, 10/26/2002; A, 08/15/2014]               SCOPE:  The provisions in Part 6 of Chapter 42 apply to all interior designers who are applying to renew their license.

[11/10/97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.2, 10/26/2002]               STATUTORY AUTHORITY:  This rule is adopted pursuant to the Interior Design Act, NMSA 1978, Section, 61-24C-10.

[11/10/97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.3, 10/26/2002]               DURATION:  Permanent.

[11/10/97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.4, 10/26/2002]               EFFECTIVE DATE:  November 10, 1997 unless a different date is cited at the end of a section of paragraph.

[11/10/97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.5, 10/26/2002]               OBJECTIVE:  The objective of Part 6 is to establish criteria for continuing education for interior designers licensed in New Mexico.

[11/10/97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.6, 10/26/2002]               DEFINITIONS:

                A.            “Continuing Education Unit (CEU)” means a point awarded to a professional person by a professional organization for having attended an educational program relevant to the goals of the organization.  A value is established for the course and that number of points is given.

                B.            “Continuing Education (CE)” means educational opportunities for professionals.

[ NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.7, 10/26/2002; A, 08/15/2014]               CONTINUING EDUCATION:  Interior designers in New Mexico shall be required to develop their professional knowledge and competency in conformity with this rule by completion of continuing education approved by the board.

                A.            Each interior designer must annually complete eight (8) CEUs in interior design subjects or courses of study approved by the New Mexico interior design board (NMIDB) or interior design continuing education council (IDCEC).

                B.            Organization and administration:  The board shall:

                    (1)     evaluate and approve either prospectively, or retrospectively, specific courses, programs of education, and training as formal programs of learning which contribute directly to the professional competency of an interior designer, and shall determine the appropriate number of CEU hours to be granted for each course offering submitted;

                    (2)     determine in individual cases whether the professional knowledge and competency has been advanced by virtue of the completion of such programs; and review and validate course attendance documentation when the committee deems such a review is appropriate;

                    (3)     audit the continuing education professional education records of licensees as deemed necessary; and

                    (4)     approve courses that have received IDCEC approval. 

                C.            Minimum requirements of approved courses:  Formal programs of learning which build upon the basic knowledge of interior design shall meet the following criteria:

                    (1)     enhance the quality of technical knowledge;

                    (2)     enhance overall comprehensive professional education;

                    (3)     provide knowledge in new technical areas; or

                    (4)     provide practical applications on issues which impact the public health, safety and welfare.

                D.            Approved subject areas:

                    (1)     Unless otherwise approved by the board, subjects or courses of study accepted for the purposes of this rule shall be limited to the following:

                              (a)     Design: 

                                        (i)     computer aided drafting and design (CAD);

                                        (ii)    space planning and programming;

                                        (iii)     product performance;

                                        (iv)     document and specs;

                                        (v)     advancement in specialized field;

                                        (vi)     interior detailing; and

                                        (vii)     historic preservation.

                              (b)     Health and safety planning:

                                        (i)     life safety requirements;

                                        (ii)     barrier free requirements;

                                        (iii)     codes and ordinances; and

                                        (iv)     interior products and finishes.

                              (c)     Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems: 

                                        (i)     principles and design;

                                        (ii)     new equipment and control systems; and

                                        (iii)     energy conservation.

                              (d)     Building systems: 

                                        (i)     acoustics;

                                        (ii)     basic building systems; and

                                        (iii)     lighting.

                              (e)     Business: 

                                        (i)     contracts and agreements;

                                        (ii)     accounting;

                                        (iii)     business law; and

                                        (iv)     project management.

                              (f)     Ethics.

                    (2)     Additional methods for meeting CEU requirements:

                              (a)     Unless otherwise approved by the board and subject to the formalities and further requirements of this rule, alternative methods for earning CEUs shall be limited to the following:

                                        (i)     active service as either an officer or board member of an interior design-related professional association or organization;

                                        (ii)     service as an instructor at a college or university level course of an interior design related course;

                                        (iii)     authoring or co-authoring a published professional interior design related paper, article, book or presentation.

                              (b)     It is the responsibility of the licensee to provide sufficient documentation and proof of the specific service or activity to the board to prove that the alternative method of obtaining CE credit meets the criteria in NMAC; it is also the responsibility of the attendee to provide proof of attendance.

                              (c)     Pre-approval of alternative methods of obtaining CE credit is not mandatory but, is highly recommended.

                E.            In order for a licensee to receive credit for programs of learning, as defined above, the following formalities and further requirements must be met:

                    (1)     Higher education credit courses shall be credited for continuing education purposes at the rate of fifteen (15) hours for each semester or credit hour.  A copy of a transcript documenting course completion must be submitted as proof of compliance.

                    (2)     Higher education non-credit courses shall be credited for continuing education purposes equivalent to the actual number of classroom hours.  A copy of transcript documenting course completion must be submitted as proof of compliance.

                    (3)     Continuing professional education credit for teaching a higher education course shall be credited with twice the number of credits awarded for attending the course for the first presentation of the course or program, the same number of credits granted a participant for the second presentation of the course, and none thereafter.  A letter from education institution must be submitted as proof of completion.

                F.             Criteria for approval of providers of continuing education:

                    (1)     The board sets forth the following criteria to be used in approving course providers:

                              (a)     Proof of competence and expertise of the instructors is required.

                              (b)     A provider shall not advertise course as board approved unless board approval has been obtained.

                    (2)     General requirements for course approval shall include:

                              (a)     Course meets topic area guidelines as set forth in Paragraph (1) of Subsection D of NMAC.

                              (b)     Length of course must be a minimum of one (1.0 CEU) instructional hours.  Each instructional hour shall include at least fifty minutes of continuous actual instruction.

                              (c)     For course approval, providers must complete the board-approved continuing education program review form which may be obtained from the board office.

                              (d)     Provider must submit course materials to the board on the review form, form can be obtained from board office or website.

                              (e)     Previously approved courses shall be re-reviewed by the committee and the board if any of the following circumstances occur:

                                        (i)     course instructor changed;

                                        (ii)     course content changed;

                                        (iii)     course received evaluation results from attendees, indicating that the course did not meet the approval criteria outlined in Paragraph (3) of Subsection B of NMAC, Subparagraph (a) of Paragraph (1) of Subsection D of NMAC and Subparagraph (b) of Paragraph (2) of Subsection D of NMAC;

                                        (iv)    course documentation not submitted by the provider as required by Subparagraph (a) of Paragraph (4) of Subsection D of NMAC;

                                        (v)     changes in the number of CEUs;

                                        (vi)     course documentation incomplete or irregularities exist;

                                        (vii)     course is advertised as board approved when no such approval has been granted; and

                                        (viii)     if any of these conditions exist, a previously approved course shall not be considered approved by the board.  The provider is responsible for resubmitting previously approved courses for re-approval if required by the above criteria.

                              (f)     Pay application fees.

                              (g)     Proof of attendance certificate:  At the completion of the course, the provider must furnish proof of attendance certificates to all who satisfactorily complete the course.  A copy of the attendance certification shall be maintained by the instructor for a two-year period.  Said certificate shall contain the following items of information:

                                        (i)      name of the provider;

                                        (ii)     name of the attendee and license number;

                                        (iii)    name of the instructor;

                                        (iv)    title of course and number of CEU credits;

                                        (v)     New Mexico interior design board approval number;

                                        (vi)     date and location of presentation;

                                        (vii)     length of course, excluding breaks (e.g. time); and

                                        (viii)     provider's signature as verification of attendee satisfactory completion of the course.

                              (h)     the attendee shall submit a copy of the proof of attendance with other documentation.

                    (3)     Proof of attendance list:

                              (a)     Within 30 calendar days after the completion of the course, the provider must furnish a proof of attendance list to the board.  The proof of attendance list shall include the following information:

                                        (i)      name of provider;

                                        (ii)      names of attendees;

                                        (iii)      signatures of attendees

                                        (iv)      title of course and NM board of interior design approval number;

                                        (v)      date and location of course,

                                        (vi)     number of CEU credits; and

                                        (vii)      course evaluation forms.

                              (b)     The provider must also furnish each attendee with a current copy of the board-provided course evaluation form which every attendee shall complete and sign in ink at the conclusion of the course.  The provider shall collect the course evaluation forms and submit the original forms to the board within 30 calendar days of course completion.

                              (c)     The names and number of attendees on the proof of attendance list must match the names and number of the evaluation forms.

                              (d)     A current copy of the board-provided course evaluation form shall be obtained from the board office for duplication by the provider.

                              (e)     The board reserves the right to audit the presentation of any course it has approved.  The audit may be done without prior notification to the provider; however, the provider is not required to furnish materials and services associated with the course to the auditor without prior notice and compensation.

                G.            Reporting of continuing education hours:  Licensed interior designers shall submit to the board with their renewal application and fee, the required proof of attendance of board-approved or IDCEC approved CEUs completed during the applicable renewal period.  The board office shall verify credit hours earned prior to renewing the license.

[11/10/97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 42.6.8, 10/26/2002; A, 08/15/2014]



Pre-NMAC History:  The material in this part was derived from that previously filed with the State Records Center and Archives under:

IDB Rule 92-1, Continuing Education Guidelines filed 2/6/92.

IDB Rule 92-1, Continuing Education Guidelines filed 4/26/95.


History of Repealed Material:  [RESERVED]