PART 13               LICENSURE FOR MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS, SPOUSES AND VETERANS             ISSUING AGENCY: New Mexico Board of Funeral Services.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             SCOPE: This part sets forth application procedures to expedite licensure for military service members, spouses and veterans.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             STATUTORY AUTHORITY: These rules are promulgated pursuant to Funeral Services Act, NMSA 1978.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             DURATION: Permanent.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             EFFECTIVE DATE: April 30, 2015, unless a later date is cited at the end of a section.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             OBJECTIVE:     The purpose of this part is to expedite licensure for military service members, spouses and veterans.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             DEFINITIONS:

                A.            “Military service member” means a person who is serving in the armed forces of the United States or in an active reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the national guard.

                B.            “Recent veteran” means a person who has received an honorable discharge or separation from military service within the two (2) years immediately preceding the date the person applied for an occupational or professional license pursuant to this section.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:

                A.            Applications for registration shall be completed on a form provided by the board.

                B.            The applicant shall provide:

                                (1)           a completed application and corresponding fee pursuant to NMAC;

                                (2)           satisfactory evidence that the applicant holds a license that is current and in

good standing, issued by another jurisdiction, including a branch of armed forces of the United States, that has met the minimal licensing requirements that are substantially equivalent to the licensing requirements for the occupational or professional license the applicant applies for.

                C.            Electronic signatures will be acceptable for applications submitted pursuant to section 14-16-1 through section 14-16-19 NMSA 1978.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]             RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS:

                A.            A license issued pursuant to this section shall not be renewed unless the license holder satisfies the requirements for the issuance and for the renewal of a license pursuant to 16.64.3 NMAC, requirements for licensure and 16.64.7 NMAC, license renewal.

                B.            The licensee must submit the following documents at the time of renewal:

                                (1)           A completed license renewal application.

                                (2)           Verification of continuing education.

                                (3)           The applicable renewal fee.

                C.            Original and renewed registrations shall be valid until June 30 unless renewed.

[ NMAC - N, 04/30/15]