Old Retention & Disposition Schedules

The following schedules are for reference only. The official rule for Functional Retention and Disposition Schedule is the 1.21.2 NMAC.

General Records Retention and Disposition Schedules (GRRDS)
1.15.2 NMAC General Administrative Records
1.15.3 NMAC General Adminstrative Records (For Use by Local Governments and Educational Institutions)
1.15.4 NMAC General Financial
1.15.5 NMAC General Financial Schedule (Interpretive)
1.15.6 NMAC General Personnel Records
1.15.7 NMAC General Personnel Records (Interpretive)
1.15.8 NMAC General Medical Records
1.15.9 NMAC General Hospital and Medical Center Records

Legislative Records Retention and Disposition Schedules (LRRDS)
1.16.111 NMAC Legislative Council Service
1.16.112 MMAC Legislative Finance Committee
1.16.117 NMAC Legislative School Study Committee
1.16.119 NMAC Legislative Maintenance

Judicial Records Retention and Disposition Schedules (JRRDS)
1.17.205 NMAC Supreme Court Law Library
1.17.210 NMAC Judicial Standards Commission
1.17.215 NMAC Court of Appeals
1.17.216 NMAC Supreme Court
1.17.218 NMAC New Mexico Magistrate Courts
1.17.219 NMAC Board Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings
1.17.220 NMAC Administrative Office of the Courts
1.17.230 NMAC New Mexico District Courts
1.17.244 NMAC Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court
1.17.264 NMAC Administrative Office of the District Attorneys and the District Offices

Executive Records Retention and Disposition Schedules (ERRDS)
1.18.305 NMAC Office of the Attorney General
1.18.308 NMAC Office of the State Auditor
1.18.333 NMAC Taxation and Revenue Department
1.18.337 NMAC State Investment Council
1.18.341 NMAC Department of Finance and Administration
1.18.342 NMAC Public School Insurance Authority
1.18.343 NMAC Retiree Health Care Authority
1.18.350 NMAC General Services Department
1.18.352 NMAC Educational Retirement Board
1.18.355 Public Defender Department
1.18.356 NMAC NM Office of the Governor
1.18.360 NMCA Lieutenant Governor’s Office
1.18.361 NMAC Office of the Chief Information Officer
1.18.366 NMAC Public Employees Retirement Association
1.18.369 NMAC Commission of Public Records
1.18.370 NMAC Secretary of State
1.18.378 NMAC State Personnel Office
1.18.379 NMAC Public Employee Labor Relations Board
1.18.394 NMAC Office of the State Treasurer
1.18.404 NMAC Board of Examiners for Architects
1.18.418 NMAC Tourism Department
1.18.419 NMAC Economic Development Department
1.18.420 NMAC Regulation and Licensing Department
1.18.430 NMAC Public Regulation Commission
1.18.440 NMAC Office of Superintendent of Insurance
1.18.446 NMAC Board of Medical Examiners
1.18.449 NMAC Board of Nursing
1.18.460 NMAC State Fair Commission
1.18.464 NMAC State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors
1.18.465 NMAC Gaming Control Board
1.18.469 NMAC State Racing Commission
1.18.479 NMAC Board of Veterinary Medicine
1.18.505 NMAC Cultural Affairs Department
1.18.508 NMAC New Mexico Livestock Board
1.18.516 NMAC Department of Game and Fish
1.18.521 NMAC Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department
1.18.539 NMAC State Land Office
1.18.550 NMAC Office of the State Engineer
1.18.601 NMAC Commission On the Status of Women
1.18.605 NMAC Martin Luther King Jr Commission
1.18.606 NMAC Commission for the Blind
1.18.609 NMAC Indian Affairs Department
1.18.624 NMAC Aging and Long Term Services Department
1.18.630 NMAC Human Services Department
1.18.631 NMAC Department of Workforce Solutions
1.18.632 NMAC Worker’s Compensation Administration
1.18.644 NMAC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
1.18.647 NMAC Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
1.18.665 NMAC Department of Health
1.18.667 NMAC New Mexico Department of Environment
1.18.669 NMAC Health Policy Commission
1.18.670 NMAC Veterans’ Services Department
1.18.690 NMAC Children, Youth and Families Department
1.18.705 NMAC Department of Military Affairs
1.18.760 NMAC Adult Parole Board
1.18.765 NMAC Juvenile Public Safety Advisory Board
1.18.770 NMAC Corrections Department
1.18.780 NMAC Crime Victims Reparation Commission
1.18.790 NMAC Department of Public Safety
1.18.794 NMAC Mounted Patrol
1.18.795 NMAC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department
1.18.805 NMAC Department of Transportation
1.18.924 NMAC Public Education Department
1.18.926 NMAC School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1.18.927 NMAC New Mexico School for the Deaf
1.18.940 NMAC Public Schools Facilities Authority
1.18.950 NMAC Higher Education Department
1.18.969 NMAC New Mexico Department of Agriculture
1.18.980 NMAC NM Office of the Medical Investigator

Local Government Records Retention and Dispositon Schedules (LGRRDS)
1.19.2 NMAC Office of the County Assessor
1.19.3 NMAC Office of the County Clerk
1.19.4 NMAC Board of County Commissioners, County Managers
1.19.5 NMAC Office of the County Sheriff
1.19.6 NMAC Office of the County Treasurer
1.19.7 NMAC Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority
1.19.8 New Mexico Municipalities
1.19.9 NMAC Municipal Courts
1.19.10 NMAC New Mexico Middle Grand Conservancy District
1.19.11 NMAC Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Watershed Districts

Education Records Retention and Disposition Schedules (EDRRDS)
1.20.2 NMAC New Mexico Public Schools
1.20.3 NMAC New Mexico Colleges and Universities