The Administrative Law Division (ALD) is the filing point for rules promulgated by executive-branch agencies, for interstate compacts, and for county subdivision regulations. Agencies proposing to enter into rulemaking must also publish in the New Mexico Register notices of their intent to do so. Rules are promulgated by State agencies to execute and support New Mexico statutes. Pursuant to the State Rules Act (Chapter 14, Article 4 NMSA 1978), for rules to be valid and enforceable, they must be filed with the State Records Center and Archives (SRCA) and be published in the New Mexico Register.

The mission of the ALD is to file, effectively and efficiently, the rules and other instruments it receives; to manage and preserve those rules and instruments; and to make the rules, notices, and other instruments filed with it accessible to the public and other users. To fulfill this mission, Division staff monitor compliance with statutes and rules affecting the rule-filing and publishing processes. To guide State agencies, they provide training and consultation with respect to the requirements for filing and publishing and answer questions from individuals and groups interested in regulatory material filed with the Division. Training in the style and format, filing, and publishing requirements is offered to individuals involved in the rule-making process. Finally, Division staff maintain and preserve all regulatory material filed with the Division until the material is repealed or otherwise determined no longer valid (at which time it is transferred to the State Archives) and assure open and public access to the material is provided.