Responsibilities and Mission

While government offices maintain extensive amounts of records and information, workers must be able to locate records and information quickly for the successful flow of government operations. Records are the evidence of what an agency does. Records document business activities and transactions such as contract negotiations, business correspondence, personnel files, financial statements, etc.

Records are created in several formats.

  • Physical paper in files such as memos, contracts, reports, personnel actions and correspondence
  • E-mail messages and attachments that are public records
  • Content on a web site, as well as documents that reside on PDAs, flash drives, desktops, servers, and document management systems
  • Information residing in databases

The mission of the Records Management Division is to assist government agencies with the development of efficient and effective records management programs. This is achieved by:

  • Establishing rules that provide agencies with records management guidance;
  • Identifying who is responsible and accountable for managing records;
  • Providing quality training on basic and intermediate records management topics;
  • Handling the transfer and storage of records at two Records Center facilities;
  • Reviewing microphotography plans to ensure microphotography systems produce legible images;
  • Inspecting microfilm for government entities;
  • Creating rules that provide guidance on the management of electronic records;
  • Assisting agencies with the proper disposition of records; and
  • Serving has a resource on records management issues.

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