Adopted Rules, Issue 11

Effective Date and Validity of Rule Filings

Rules published in this issue of the New Mexico Register are effective on the publication date of this issue unless otherwise specified.  “No rule shall be valid or enforceable until it is filed with the records center and published in the

New Mexico Register as provided by the State Rules Act.  Unless a later date is otherwise provided by law, the effective date of a rule shall be the date of publication in the New Mexico register.” Section 14-4-5 NMSA 1978

A = Amended, E = Emergency, N = New, R = Repealed, Rn = Renumbered


Public Education Department

6.30.12 NMAC                         R/E             K-3 Plus Program                                                                                     pdf version

6.30.12 NMAC                         N/E             K-5 Plus Program                                                                                     pdf version

Public Lands, Commissioner of

Title 19, Chapter 2                    A             Amendments to Various Rules in Chapter 2 for Gender Neutral Language,

Shortform Amendment                                                                                pdf version

19.2.8 NMAC                            A             Relating to Agricultural Leases                                                                   pdf version

Public Records, Commission of

1.21.2 NMAC                            A             Retention and Disposition of Public Records                                             pdf version

Superintendent of Insurance, Office of

13.4.8 NMAC                            N             Public Staff and Independent Adjusters                                                     pdf version