Local Government Guidance

Records Retention Guidance for Local Government

The State Records Administrator does not have direct authority over the records retention and disposition practices of local governments (Counties, Municipalities, and local public bodies).  Pursuant to §14-3-18 NMSA, 1978, the Administrator may provide guidance to counties and municipalities on records retention.  This guidance is provided in three locations, 1.21.3 NMAC, Local Government Records Management Guidance, the associated Record Retention and Disposition Guide, and 1.21.2 NMAC, Retention and Disposition of Public Records.  A consolidated document for ease of reference can be accessed here. (Please note that this document is provided for convenience only, and is not the official version of any of the documents included therein.)  A reference copy of the repealed Chapter 19 can be viewed on the old retention and disposition schedules page. For questions regarding classification of records, please contact the Agency Analysis Bureau.

Records and Information Management training is available to Local Government entities on an on demand basis. Please contact the Agency Analysis Bureau for more information.

County Governments
Pursuant to §14-1-8 NMSA, 1978, County governments are statutorily required to submit notice to the State Records Administrator at least 60 days prior to the destruction of any public record.  Utilizing the classifications provided in the local government guide, complete and mail the signed original County notice of destruction form to:

State Archives of New Mexico
Commission of Public Records
1205 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Municipalities and Local Public Bodies
Municipalities and local public bodies are not required to submit notice to, nor receive approval from, the State Records Administrator prior to destroying public records.  Municipalities and local public bodies who wish to submit notice should follow the process delineated above.